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Custom built kitchen
Father daughter duo


In the heart of Dallas, the legacy of EMRO Homes unfolds – a tale woven with family bonds, passion for craftsmanship, and a commitment to building not just houses but cherished homes.


Meet Eric Messer, the visionary patriarch and devoted Christian, who embarked on a journey more than two decades ago to redefine luxury living in Dallas. His unwavering dedication to excellence and integrity laid the foundation for EMRO Homes.

Beside him stands his ambitious and creative daughter, Hannah Ysbrand. Hannah's innovative spirit and cutting-edge design sensibilities breathe life into every project, ensuring that each home reflects not just architectural brilliance, but the unique personality of its future homeowners.

At EMRO Homes, family isn't just a concept – it's the cornerstone of our business. We believe that a home is where memories are created, and the process of building it should feel like an extension of one's own family.

We work closely together to create stunning projects and we hope you consider us to be your helpful hand in any and all of your real estate transactions. 

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